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Through your gained pratical specialist knowledge and through feeling confident treating your patients on the most modern standards, you will be among the first to get all new surgery methods that are proven to be successful.


Offer your patients state-of-the-art dental treatment and be ahead of the dental care portfolio of other dentists.

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You enjoy practical learning, learning by doing, and you obtain valuable advanced education.


Expand in a profitable growth market with more revenue and return on invest for your dental practice

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After successful completion, you receive an attractive certificate, highly valuable for the marketing of your dental practice.

Abril – Outubro 2024 LEIRIA


Inscreva-se já no nosso próximo curso. Últimas vagas disponíveis!

A implantologia é um mundo vasto que inclui variadas técnicas, por isso, acreditamos que dotar o médico dentista generalista com bons alicerces é o primeiro passo para o sucesso.

Neste curso pretende-se que cada participante coloque implantes, com acompanhamento personalizado, aprendendo o passo a passo.

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